Algorithm Library

Evidencio hosts a library with more than 4000 medical algorithms. You can configure, publish, use and share your algorithms on Evidencio for free.

Use Algorithms

You can use your own algorithms, all public algorithms or any algorithms that have been shared with you by other Evidencio users for free as long as you respect our free and fair use policy.

The Evidencio platform is free to use for personal and academic use. We've developed the Evidencio platform based on the idea that it can be delivered as a free service, as long as your use of our services isn't on behalf of any third party, intended to provide a service or make money. In other words, you're more than welcome to use our services for free, for your own personal, academic or other non-commercial use.

More information on free and commercial use, features and pricing can be found here.

Configure & Implement Algorithms

The Evidencio platform offers standardized tools that help you configure your algorithm as an online tool. You can easily describe your model’s capabilities, classify it in its medical context and elaborate on your model’s underlying research and evidence. The platform lets you define the model parameters, model logic and output. Evidencio offers predefined logic for the most common multivariable statistical algorithms (e.g. linear regression, logistic regression, cox regression).

In addition to the standard calculation formats, Evidencio offers a wysiwyg / drag & drop formula tools with which you can easily define your algorithm as a custom mathematical expression.

Evidencio can also parse and run your algorithm as an R-script, as a broadly used mathematical modeling language. Of course we'd like to see new models enter the public domain on the Evidencio platform, either as free models or as licensed content. When made available as licensed content, a model is available to subscription users only, and thus generates a royalty based revenue for the model owner.

Evidencio in literature

More and more researchers are discovering the value of including Evidencio in their publications. Here is a list of articles that reference an algorithm on Evidencio as part of the publication. As such, research output becomes useable, interpretable, and testable.

Publish Algorithms

Once you’ve defined and implemented your algorithm on Evidencio it’s ready for use. As a model author you can decide who can access and use your model. You can opt retain your algorithm as a private model, or you can share it with your team, fellow researchers, or reviewers.

If you want to open your algorithm to the world you can opt to publish the algorithm as a public model on Evidencio. Before a an algorithm is published as a public model it will be reviewed by our staff to assure that it meets a set of minimal quality standards (on e.g. completeness, correctness and claims)

Medical Devices

Evidencio offers CE-certified MDSW’s (Medical Device Software) of both widely adopted and new ground breaking algorithms.

Using algorithms, prediction models, nomograms, etc. for clinical decision support is subject to strict regulations (currently particularly so in the EU). In the context of the EU MDR (Medical Device Regulation) an algorithm, or any software tool, that influences medical decision making is to be treated as a Medical Device.

Algorithms that are intended to be used by healthcare professionals as decision aids generally qualify as class IIa or IIb medical devices under the MDR. This implies that these algorithms have to be CE certified before they can be used.

CE certification of class 2, class 3 medical devices can only be done by Notified Bodies, which means that the certification process and prerequisites are substantial and costly.

Evidencio has invested significant resources in streamlining this certification process. We can now provide an easy, sustainable and scalable way to be compliant in your use of algorithms and AI for clinical decision support, shared decision making, patient monitoring, etc. at a fraction of the cost & time.

Please contact us for detailed information on how we can facilitate getting your algorithm certified.

Algorithm Marketplace

The Evidencio Algorithm Marketplace caters to both algorithm IP-holders, as well as, Professional Algorithm users.

Marketplace for IP-holders

The Evidencio Algorithm Marketplace offers a unique and secure channel for you to offer and deploy your algorithm to the (clinical use) market (as a Medical Device). By using the Evidencio platform you can make use of our technology, network, interfaces and installed base in bringing your algorithm to market. Optionally, we can assist in transforming your algorithm into a MDSW.

How it works

  1. You implement your algorithm on Evidencio, or commission us to do so.
  2. You set the price that end-users need to pay in order to use your algorithm.
  3. Evidencio customers can subscribe to your algorithm.
  4. You receive your license fees, Evidencio receives a commission.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Marketplace for Medical Professionals & Hospitals

The Evidencio Algorithm Marketplace is a unique and trusted source for clinical/medical algorithms. It offers (CE-marked) algorithms with the stability and usability of the Evidencio Platform, as standard web-based algorithms, or EMR-integrated algorithms.

Evidencio users with a paid subscription plan can additionally purchase subscriptions for Algorithms from the Marketplace.

How it works

  1. You have a personal Evidencio-Pro subscription or an active Hospital(-department) subscription.
  2. You select the algorithms you would like to use from the Algorithm Store.
  3. The selected algorithm fees will be billed to your subscription.
  4. You’ll have access to the selected algorithms on the Evidencio platform and/or through the Evidencio API.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Model Development & Validation services

Evidencio can assist you and your research team in responsibly developing a new algorithm based on e.g. your study population, historical data, etc. Also we can provide you and your peers in the scientific community with tools to quickly perform model validations, or perform algorithm validations for or with you.

Evidencio has ample experience in responsible model development. We can assist you in avoiding common pitfalls to assure that your work yields unbiased and powerful predictive tools. We advise you to at least consider the TRIPOD and PROBAST methodologies. Please contact us if you would like to know more, we’d be happy to share our experiences.

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