Evidencio Medical Decision Support
Enabling clinical use of AI Algorithms as certified Medical Devices
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Algorithm Library

Evidencio hosts a library with more than 4000 medical algorithms. You can configure, publish, use, share and validate your algorithms on Evidencio for free.

Medical Devices

Evidencio offers CE-certified MDSWs (Medical Device Software) of both widely adopted and new ground breaking algorithms. Evidencio provides an easy, sustainable and scalable way to be compliant in your use of algorithms and AI for clinical decision support, shared decision making, patient monitoring, etc.

Algorithm market place

Placing your algorithm / IP on Evidencio’s Algorithm market place gives you access to hospitals, health care professionals, EMR-integrations around the world. Make use of our global user base to disseminate your latest and greatest medical contributions.

Model development & Validation

Evidencio can assist you and your research team in responsibly developing a new algorithm based on e.g. your study population, historical data, etc. Also we can provide you and your peers in the scientific community with free tools to quickly perform model validations.

Why Evidencio?
Evidencio is
ISO27001, NEN7510 and ISO13485
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