The Evidencio API

If you're looking to integrate online prediction models and calculators into your own or third party software, apps or website you can use the Evidencio API (Application Programming Interface). An API is a software- interface which enables two application to communicate with each other.

We support both commercial and non-commercial use of prediction models through our API. For either use case a different set of rules and conditions apply. If you're interested in using our API, please get in touch so we can inform on the possibilities.

Non commercial use

We define 'non commercial use' as follows. If you integrate Evidencio models in your software, app, website or service and:

  1. Your users are not charged in any way, shape or form for using your software, app, or service.
  2. You're not selling or otherwise commercially using any user-data, usage-data, ads, outcomes, etc.
  3. You're not using Evidencio models, nor any generated results in or as part of a health care process, application or service.
  4. You accept the Evidencio Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy and Disclaimer.
  5. You do not alter any of the contents, calculation results, result texts, etc. of the respective models or any of the associated resources provided through the Evidencio API.

If your intended use meets the above conditions you're welcome to use our API on public Evidencio models, free of charge.

Simply create an Evidencio account and request non-commercial API access. We'll review your request, provide you with our API documentation and you'll be good to go.

The only thing we ask in return is that you will visibly place a small 'Powered by Evidencio' statement & Evidencio Icon in your website, software or app, with a link to the Evidencio website.

Commercial use

If your intended use of Evidencio models through the Evidencio API does not meet the conditions as listed for non-commercial use, or if you wish to integrate your own private Evidencio models in your website, software or app, your use of the Evidencio API will fall under our 'commercial use' policy.

For inquiries regarding commercial API use please contact us. We'll gladly discuss the intended use-case and accommodate you with a mutually fitting proposal.

Note: Please also review our page on Use & Licensing, which covers our use and licensing policies in a broader sense.

Featured partner

Logex is an Evidencio partner for professional users of the Evidencio platform. Evidencio provides you with the option to integrate the Evidencio platform with your Electronic Health Records (EHR). This makes accessing the prediction models on Evidencio even easier for you and will allow you to pre-fill models with patient data and directly save prediction results for each patient.

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