Model development

Evidencio offers a range of professional services for model development.

We offer services in the fields of data analysis, model discovery, model development & model validation with the use of advanced big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence tools. Additionally we offer guidance with data preparations, model conversions and model publication on the Evidencio platform.

Model Discovery

Not every research minded medical professional has the time and means to sift through their data looking for meaningful correlations. Consequently, relevant research questions potentially remain unasked, and more likely unanswered.

Through the use of the latest tools and insights regarding machine learning, deep learning and AI we can now offer efficient support in discovering, developing and validating predictive models. Based on completely anonymized data we're able to extract any existing correlations between (even obfuscated) medical predictors. These correlations can be expressed in artificial neural networks, multi-variate mathematical equations, or more traditional regression models. Subsequently, models can be validated, published and shared.

Model Ownership & Copyright

The models we discover, develop and validate as a product of our paid services are the property of the respective customer. The customer can freely decide what to do with the results. For example, the customer can decide to use a model for internal reference only, e.g. by making it a 'private' model on Evidencio accessible only for the customer's organization.

Of course we'd like to see new models enter the public domain on the Evidencio platform, either as free models or as licensed content. When made available as licensed content, a model is available to subscription users only, and thus generates a royalty based revenue for the model owner.

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Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our model development services. We'll gladly provide you with more information, or a customized quotation for your particular case.

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